How to Treat a Topical Cavity


There are many factors that can attribute to cavities, many of which, play an important role in the management of oral hygiene. In today’s episode, Dr. B goes dives into an explanation behind the factors that need to be addressed when taking oral care into consideration. He shares some key points regarding the dry mouth condition, how your diet factors in, oral hygiene including toothpaste recommendations, flossing, and biofilm management, and genetics. Dr. B also reminds us that it is important to try and stay on the side of remineralization rather than demineralization. Tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

We discuss factors that need to be addressed with regards to cavities1. Dry Mouth; dehydration and mouth breathing 2. Diet; why it’s important to factor in what we eat in our daily diets3. Oral hygiene; biofilm management, flossing first and using the right toothpaste 4. Genetics; how your teeth form and why you don’t need to worry about itThe importance of working with a dentistXylitol and how it factors into oral hygiene managementWhy you should floss before brushingWhether or not flossing spreads the disease of decay; no it does not.The importance of staying on the side of remineralization than demineralization 

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