What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant, also known as a postop dental procedure, is a cosmetic dental procedure used to repair, replace or restore missing teeth or a tooth. A dental implant is usually a titanium piston rod that is used to hold a replacement tooth or denture in place during a tooth restoration process. As a result, there is very little pain involved and the patient can resume normal activities within a short period of time. Most dental implants today are considered to be one of the most effective ways to restore function and beauty to the smile.

dental implant

The primary reason for the use of dental implants today is the desire for a natural-looking recovery with more natural teeth and a better smile. Dental implants are constructed from synthetic titanium metal to mimic the hardness of natural teeth. A dental implant has many advantages over the use of traditional natural teeth such as permanent replacement, no tooth decay, no sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, great self-confidence, less post-operation oral hygiene treatments, and an overall better appearance. Below are some of the main reasons why people choose dental implants:


Bonding: The most common reason for the use of dental implants is to achieve a permanent and functional tooth replacement. Many patients undergo several surgeries to achieve their desired result but using dental implants offers an opportunity to achieve a one-stop solution for all of their missing teeth. With a complete tooth reconstruction, the patient will have one healthy tooth that is permanently bonded to the front of the mouth. This option is ideal for patients who do not have any missing teeth and/or wish to have a permanent replacement that is inlaid in the gums and connected to the bone for a long-lasting and strong bond. Since titanium is the implant material, the tooth will be completely immune to any decay, breakage, or other forms of dental issues common with traditional tooth replacements.


Durability: Dental implants are extremely durable and are designed to last a lifetime. They can withstand extreme heat, cold, and even extreme amounts of force during surgery. The durability of implants means that the patient will need to have very little dental work done in the future, assuming there was any work, to begin with! By avoiding any future work and restoring function to the tooth through the use of implants, the patient can experience improved self-esteem and comfort.


Cost: Dental implants are often much more affordable than a tooth replacement of similar functionality. An implant is made up of titanium, which is a stronger material that requires higher-cost materials. With lower initial investment, a patient will save money in lower dental bills over time. With many insurance plans now cover the cost of dental implants, the waiting period for payment is often eliminated. While some insurance companies require pre-authorization for all patients, others do not, allowing those who have lost their teeth to fully recover without financial struggle.


Durability: Even with a single tooth implant, the prosthodontist is working with a full mouth. Not only are they replacing one tooth, but also the entire face of the patient. This includes the jawbone and all of the soft tissue that supports it. Replacing a single tooth with dental implants results in incredible stability of the jaw. Single implants may even be used in conjunction with crowns and other devices to further enhance the stability and durability of this new structure.


Single Tooth Replacement: One of the benefits to using dental implants instead of replacing a single tooth with another is that implants are single-use devices. If a prosthodontist cannot place them properly, the patient may need another surgery performed to replace the implants. This means that the prosthodontists will be limited to using only one type of implant for the remainder of one’s life. This greatly reduces the risk of developing bone loss and other conditions that can affect the teeth once they become brittle.


Cost: Another reason that people choose dental implants over other tooth replacement options is because of cost. Placing a single dental implant instead of multiple ones adds significantly to the cost of a procedure. In addition, multiple surgeries may be required as the teeth begin to deteriorate and require more replacement material than one treatment can provide. When you consider the costs of other tooth replacement options, such as dentures and bridges, the final cost can be quite high. By using dental implants, you can drastically reduce the overall cost of a single treatment, which makes the procedure more affordable for many.