What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is a field that deals with the needs of children. Dentists who practice in this field treat a wide range of problems affecting the developing body. The pediatric dentist’s job is to create an environment where a child can feel comfortable and be free from any fear of the dentist. To provide this environment, pediatric dentists must be gentle and caring. They must also be able to communicate with the child. For this reason, pediatric dentists must be highly skilled.

For pediatric dentists to work in this field, they must complete a rigorous examination given by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. This examination consists of a written and oral portion. Successful completion of this exam will grant the pediatric dentist with the status of Diplomate. Only then can they begin practicing in the field.

Children’s teeth are the most frequently affected by cavities. In fact, 20 percent of kids aged five to 11 years have untreated cavities. These cavities can cause pain and infection. Fortunately, cavities can be treated by fillings. While fillings can be unpleasant for adults, pediatric dentists are skilled in placing them in smaller mouths. This makes the procedure more pleasant and enjoyable for the child.

During pediatric dentistry visits, dentists use a variety of preventative measures to protect teeth from decay. These include fluoride treatments and sealants. A sealant can prevent cavities up to 80 percent of the time. They also require no drilling or numbing. Another great preventative measure is fluoride varnish. Fluoride varnish is applied on the top and sides of the teeth.

Preformed metal crowns are another treatment option for children with dental problems. These are made from stainless steel and fit over individual teeth. They bond to the tooth’s surface with a biocompatible luting agent. They are a great option for primary teeth and for restoring teeth with extensive caries and hypoplasia. They can also be used to fix the abutments of space maintainers.

Regular visits to the pediatric dentist are crucial for the health of your child’s teeth and overall well-being. In addition to professional cleaning, the dentist will also examine your child’s teeth. This is essential to ensure that your child’s teeth are developing normally and any abnormalities can be treated. This prevents future problems from occurring.

Pediatric dentists are specially trained to work with children. They are committed to providing the best dental care for young patients, from infancy through adolescence. They are sensitive to their needs and know how to make the process comfortable for them. They are also trained to recognize and treat oral diseases that can affect children.

If you have a child with any dental problems, a pediatric dentist is your best choice. Not only can they provide the highest quality care, but they can also teach your child how to care for their teeth and gums on their own. A pediatric dentist’s office is typically designed with children in mind, so your child will be as comfortable as possible.

After completing a two-to-three-year program in dental school, pediatric dentists are able to practice in hospitals where the majority of their patients are children with severe dental problems. They also learn how to use orthodontic tools to straighten children’s teeth. They work closely with pediatricians and can also conduct research on ways to prevent oral health issues in children.